November 4, 2016

We’ve been hearing this a lot lately in response to our mailers and other WYHAA communications. But are you sure your representative hasn’t already voted in favor of selling your public lands?

When we say a state legislator “voted to sell public lands,” we’re referring to bills like House Bill 209 (2015), which demanded the federal government turn over its public land in Wyoming to the state. HB 209 included a detailed section on how proceeds would be split up from the sale of this public land, once it’s under state control. The bill didn’t go into detail on, say, whether camping would be allowed, or what hunting restrictions might be, or grazing or mining. It went into detail about selling public land. The bill is literally about transferring and selling public land.

HB 209 followed HB 228 (2013), which set up a task force to study the “transfer of ownership and control of federally managed lands to the state of Wyoming or to private individuals.” What does transferring public land to “private individuals” mean? It means the state would sell the public land to private individuals. This is another bill about transferring and selling public land.

Nothing here is ambiguous. These bills intend to facilitate the sale of public lands.

This is in addition to the fact that the state has nowhere near the resources to manage the 27.6 million acres of federal public land in Wyoming—so, if the state somehow seized ownership of these lands, the state would be forced to sell a good portion of them in order to not go bankrupt (or use all the Rainy Day Fund).

As we may have mentioned, these are the legislators running for reelection who VOTED TO SELL YOUR PUBLIC LANDS (via HBs 228 and 209). Click here to find your representatives.

Jim Allen (HD-33, Riverton)

Jim Anderson (SD-28, Natrona County)

Mark Baker (HD-48, Rock Springs)

Eli Bebout (SD-26, Fremont County)

Don Burkhart (HD-15, Rawlins)

Scott Clem (HD-31, Gillette)

Hank Coe (SD-18, Cody)

Dan Dockstader (SD-16, Lincoln/Sublette/Teton Counties)

Roy Edwards (HD-53, Gillette)

John Eklund (HD-10, Laramie/Goshen Counties)

Gerald Gay (HD-36, Casper)

Mike Greear (HD-27, Worland)

Marti Halverson (HD-22, Star Valley)

Steve Harshman (HD-37, Casper)

Hans Hunt (HD-2, Newcastle)

Mark Jennings (HD-30, Sheridan)

Dave Kinskey (SD-22, Sheridan/Johnson Counties)

Dan Kirkbride (HD-4, Platte/Converse Counties)

Kendell Kroeker (HD-35, Natrona County)

Lloyd Larsen (HD-54, Lander)

Dan Laursen (HD-25, Park County)

Tyler Lindholm (HD-1, Crook/Weston Counties)

Carl “Bunky” Loucks (HD-59, Casper)

Robert McKim (HD-21, Lincoln County)

David Miller (HD-55, Riverton)

Glenn Moniz (SD-10, Albany County)

Jerry Paxton (HD-47, Carbon/Albany/Sweetwater Counties)

Garry Piiparinen (HD-49, Evanston)

Bill Pownall (HD-52, Gillette)

Charles Scott (SD-30, Natrona County)

Cheri Steinmetz (HD-5, Goshen County)

Tom Walters (HD-38, Natrona County)

Nathan Winters (HD-28, Thermopolis)

Dan Zwonitzer (HD-43, Cheyenne)*

*Zwonitzer voted for HB 228 in 2013, but has since reversed his position on federal land transfer, and thus has gained WYHAA’s endorsment