Support “Wyoming Public Lands Day” — HB99

The “Wyoming Public Lands Day” bill has had it’s name changed to the very verbose name of “Wyoming Multiple Use of Public Lands Day.”  In 2018 our Senators changed the name and now this year our Representatives have done the same thing.  WYHAA Opposes this name change and we are asking for your help.

What is Multiple Use?

An Act from 1976 mandates the management of public land resources for a variety of uses, such as energy development, livestock grazing, recreation and timber harvesting.  We support multiple use wording in the text of the bill, just not as the title of the day. 

Why is the name change so important?

First off, it’s a mouthful and sounds terrible. The new name highlights the ulterior motives of a very few and we must Change it Back.  The Keep It Public coalition envisioned a day in which we could celebrate our recreational opportunities and participate in different events that display our love for the outdoors like fishing, hunting, hiking or cleaning up our outdoors.  

Does the name change disenfranchise anyone?

Yes.  National Parks, Wilderness Areas, and State Parks.  Wyoming State Parks spoke in favor of the bill in committee but would now be excluded, along with other agencies, because of this name change.

How did the name change occur?

This name change was put into place by a very few elected officials who receive large donations by big oil to promote their agenda.

Is WYHAA against the use of our minerals?

Absolutely not. We appreciate our state resources, after all,  many of our followers work in extractive industries and these jobs support our passion for Hunting and Fishing.  Usurping the efforts of over 40 Keep It Public groups, representative of tens of thousands of citizens, was unacceptable.  This was a citizen driven bill, backed by many, that has been changed to support the views of a very few. 

What Can I do?

Let your voice be heard! This bill is moving fast and we need your voice to be heard. Please provide a unique title to your email.  Ask your representatives to support an amendment and Just Change the Name Back to “Wyoming Public Lands Day” Provide one or two sentences about how public lands are important to you and thank them for their support.

You can also use this easy form and support HB99 by clicking this link.
We appreciate your assistance!
Holding our elected officials accountable,

Darek Farmer — WYHAA Executive Director

Wyoming outdoor recreation generates approximately $4.5 billion annually in consumer spending, $1.4 billion in wages and salaries, $300 million in state and local tax revenue and creates 50,000 jobs.