2019 Photo Contest Winners

First off, thank you to all photo contest entrants! The photos we received were a tremendous representation of the diverse mix of wildlife that we are fortunate to be able to pursue and enjoy here in Wyoming.

These photos capture the essence of what we value so much, what we must preserve for future generations – our way of life.

It was a difficult decision, but ultimately winners in each category were chosen by the WYHAA board of directors.  Thank you for participating with WYHAA and for being a sportsman advocate that is willing to stand up for what we hold so dear!


“Pronghorns Last Day” Photo Credit: Chase Herring

Public Lands

“A Rocky Pursuit” Image Credit: Terry Nelson


“The Spearfishing Experience” Photo Credit: Brianna Miller

The diversity of sportsmen that shared their photos with us was astounding. From solo hunters to outdoor family adventures, infants to grandparents, we had the opportunity to see the broad spectrum of people that utilize our public lands and wildlife resources. As you look through the honorable mentions below, remember every advocacy letter that you type and each legislator you contact makes a real difference for you and your fellow sportsmen.

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