Help us continue our tradition of hunting on state trust land.

This bill has changed committees and now we must send another email!
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Senator Hicks has introduced a bill, Senate File 145, targeting hunters and anglers once again.  Hicks’s bill would charge a state land access fee to all hunters and anglers regardless if they use state trust lands or not.  “The permit shall be in the possession of any person exercising rights under any fishing or hunting license”

We must stop Hicks and his Tricks.

Under this new law any violator could be imprisoned for up to a week for simply accessing state trust land. “A person who accesses state trust lands without possession of a valid permit…shall be punished by a fine of not more than two hundred dollars ($200.00), imprisonment for not more than one (1) week, or both.”

Wyomingites have been able to freely access these lands since statehood.

Let’s continue our 129 year old tradition and send an email to the Senate Travel Recreation and Wildlife Committee right now. This six dollar access fee may seem small but it would be the largest percentage increase in fees ever for many licenses including day use fishing permits, pioneer and youth permits. This fee would just be a starting point and we all know it wouldn’t stop there. This is an especially terrible idea since most license holders do not even use state trust lands!

Protect the North American Model of Conservation that We Developed
SF 145 is in direct opposition of the North American Model of Conservation where license fees are used to safeguard fish, wildlife and their habitats. This bill would not fund wildlife management but instead would raise revenue for state trust land beneficiaries with just a third of revenue going to access yes. We should all be opposed to increasing the regulatory burden for the Game and Fish and not providing the funding to do it.

We killed this bill once during the interim session.
We can kill it again with your help.

If we are not able to kill this bill in the committee we will try again with our Senators and follow this bill all the way to the House if we have to.  

We invented the North American model of conservation and we must continue to follow it!

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