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Wyoming Camping Act 2019

Wyoming Camping Act, House Bill 217, would repeal the state statute that makes camping on state trust land illegal.  We need your support to pass this bill. Camping legislation like this has died before and we need you to send an email today. (link)

This bill would not directly allow camping on trust lands but would provide the opportunity for the Office of State Lands and Investments (OSLI) to make adjustments to policy and allow camping in the future.  Current policy of OSLI mimics the state statute and does not allow camping either.

While this bill would not allow camping on State trust land it would be a step in the right direction.  Getting rid of the statute preventing camping is progress. This bill would provide user groups the opportunity to have a discussion with OSLI to find a path forward to allow camping and maximize the recreational value of these lands.  

We encouraged policymakers to introduce a more powerful bill that stated camping should be allowed. We worked to provide a mechanism of administration and regulation that would have been palatable for all involved but our efforts only resulted in this bill for now.  Even though this is not the comprehensive bill that we were working towards that would have fully allowed camping, we believe we should all voice our support for this bill.

With your consistent email advocacy, and our work on the ground, together we can make a big difference. We are shaping the future of hunting, fishing, recreation, and access for generations!

Tell your representative that you support efforts to legalize camping!Send-Email-Button-Transparent-PNG