Bill to Gut $1,000,000+ from G&F

Bill would earmark Over $1,000,000 from G&F budget!   The proposed legislation would earmark over a million+ sportsmen dollars for purposes not designated by Game and Fish. $5 dollars in fees on every hunting license! This goes against the North American Model of Conservation. We must keep sportsman dollars under the control of the [...]

Bill to Gut $1,000,000+ from G&F2019-11-04T06:41:52+00:00

Politicians Put Corridors at Risk

Select Federal Natural Resources Committee Bill: Designation of Corridors This bill removes the authority of Game and Fish to designate migration corridors. Creates a process for corridor designation that is administered by county commissioners. Allows a small minority of working group members to veto migration corridor designation. Gives the wildlife duties for final corridor [...]

Politicians Put Corridors at Risk2019-11-04T06:41:52+00:00