A Public Land Sell-Off Bill

Tell your Senator to kill SF 110!

SF 110 is another bad bill designed to lay the groundwork for a massive sell off of public lands. As anyone who follows WYHAA knows, we believe deeply that transferring and selling public lands would destroy hunting and fishing in Wyoming as we know it.

Almost no one in the United States has tried harder than Ken Ivory to force the federal government to transfer/sell our public lands. As a legislator in Utah, Mr. Ivory pushed for years to force the federal government to give up public lands. Our ears perked up when we heard Ken Ivory was in Wyoming pushing a new piece of legislation. As you might guess, this bill is designed to take the first steps to sell off our public lands and it’s one that sportsmen and women around the state should oppose.

SF 110 is written to value all of Wyoming’s public lands for privatization (i.e. sale). On its face this would be a simple assessment about federal payments in lieu of taxes (PILT), payments that the federal government makes to counties that have large amounts of federal land (though PILT is currently fully funded there have been years when this program only had partial funding).

SF 110 would value all of our public lands for privatization WITHOUT accounting for the value of hunting and fishing.

Moreover, and this is the most ridiculous part, Wyoming’s  local assessors offices can assess the value of federal lands at NO cost to the state…zip, zero, zilch.

SF 110 would allocate $2.5 million to pay a consultant to do this valuation for us….and wouldn’t you guess who owns a consulting business that does these valuations? Yep, you guessed it, Mr. Ken Ivory himself.Please reach out to your senator  with the form on this page and tell him/her to kill SF 110, its bad for sportsmen and bad for Wyoming.

Full bill text at the bottom of the page.

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