About Us

During the summer of 2015, a small group of young hunters and anglers gathered together to discuss their concerns about a growing movement to privatize public lands that was taking place in the neighboring state of Utah. The group saw this movement as a serious threat to an individual’s rights to hunt and fish, but no sportsmen’s groups in Wyoming appeared to be taking action to defend public lands.

The group also expressed concern regarding the impact on Wyoming’s unique migratory herds; in the group’s opinion, more dollars should be spent on wildlife research and habitat improvement. Furthermore, the group wanted better education programs in place to recruit more of their peers. Thus, the “Wyoming Hunters and Anglers Alliance” (WYHAA) was born.

WYHAA’s board is composed of young sportsmen and women who believe that the best way to guarantee the same hunting and fishing opportunities for current and future generations is to hold elected officials accountable for their actions.

Wyoming Hunters and Anglers Alliance promotes the conservation of Wyoming’s wildlife, the protection of sportsmen’s access, and the defense of public lands that belong to everyone.