Staff & Board

Darek Farmer

Executive Director

Darek Farmer is a fifth generation Wyomingite who resides in Guernsey with his wife and two sons and is passionate about hunting and fishing. Mr. Farmer has an intense desire to keep public land open, accessible, and habitats healthy for his sons and future generations to enjoy.

Farmer believes that communication and coordination between all interested parties is the best way to benefit Wyoming’s wildlife.

If you have a concern or issue with hunting, fishing, or public land in Wyoming and would like to speak with Darek, please call (307) 331 -2050 or email him at

Ashley Genoff

Board Member

Ashley Genoff is a lifelong Wyoming hunter and angler. Her family has lived in Wyoming for generations partly because of their love for the vast wilderness available for recreational use.

Ashley believes the Wyoming wilderness is well taken care of because Wyoming sportsmen and women, like herself, go out of their way to maintain the natural beauty of the land and leave no footprint behind. She said this is one of the state’s greatest attributes.

“Being alone in nature is the most spiritual, religious experience one can have in my opinion, and each hunt I go on makes me feel a little closer with our beautiful earth and the fantastic creatures I am lucky enough to interact with.”

Max Ludington

Volunteer Chair

Max Ludington is an avid hunter and angler who lives in Jackson, WY. Born and raised on the east coast, Max picked up a fishing rod about as soon as he could walk. He moved to Wyoming as soon as he could and has been hunting and fishing in all of his spare time ever since. Don’t bother trying to get a hold of him on opening day.

Being outdoors and hunting and fishing on public lands is what Max loves most about Wyoming. He is passionate about protecting Wyoming’s heritage and ensuring his daughter gets to enjoy the same fishing and hunting opportunities he does.

Max works on land conservation projects around the American West with LegacyWorks Group. He holds a Masters in Environmental Science and Management and a Bachelors in History and Religious Studies. Email Max at

Melinda Binks

Board Member

Melinda Binks is a documentary producer and cinematographer. She annually hunts both pronghorn and elk. Her favorite meals include pronghorn pizza, pronghorn minestra maritata soup and elk with hand-picked morels. Being outside in cherished public lands takes up nearly all of her free time, except family time. Melinda feels strongly about protecting public lands to keep them open for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts.