Bill to Gut $1,000,000+ from G&F

Bill would earmark Over $1,000,000 from G&F budget!

The proposed legislation would earmark over a million+ sportsmen dollars for purposes not designated by Game and Fish. $5 dollars in fees on every hunting license! This goes against the North American Model of Conservation. We must keep sportsman dollars under the control of the WY Game and Fish! Say no to the $5 fee!

WYHAA Photo Contest Entry By: Steve Lamb

Bill Would Reduce Sportsmen Opportunities – 

This bill uses sportsmen dollars to kill predatory, trophy-game & fur-bearing animals including; coyote, black bear, mountain lion, badger, beaver, bobcat, marten, mink, and other animals. These are resources that sportsmen should be able pursue.

Sportsmen Should Continue to Manage Wildlife Populations – This proposal is a dangerous step in the wrong direction. Sportsmen are the best resource to manage wildlife populations through hunting. Don’t let politicians diminish our opportunities. 

Stop the Redistribution of Sportsmen Dollars!
The ADMB was created in 1999 and since that time legislature has earmarked sportsmen dollars to fund the board. Currently ADMB receives100K annually through G&F. (Article 3 Sect. 11-6-307) This bill would increase this amount to $200K annually. (On top of the $1 million in fees)

Bill Targets Public Land! – As the proposed bill reads; “Priority will be given to projects on lands where hunting is permitted.” We do not like the underlying implcation that public lands would be targeted. Sportsmen should continue to be the tool used to manage wildlife on public lands!
This proposed legislation will be voted on Thursday, Oct. 24th in Dubois. We need you to send a message now.  

Tell the Ag Committee No Mandatory FEE!


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