First Wildlife Bill of 2020

SF 004 Wildlife Conservation Account provides an opportunity for applicants seeking wildlife conservation license plates the ability to donate any additional money they wish.  Wildlife conservation plates have been sold to over a thousand Wyomingites already and this will give the department the ability to accept additional donations to the account during this transaction. We look forward to this simple bill passing, if there is any indication that it needs the support of you contacting your elected official, we will be in touch.

The first day of the 2020 session is February 5th. Leading up to the session, as bills become available for public view, we will continue to update you on any actions that we can take. This year is a budget session which means it can only last twenty and the process moves along very quickly. We will be in touch with any updates and alerts, your immediate action is always appreciated.  If you are not signed up yet, please Sign up for Email Updates!

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