Gordon Budget A Win For Sportsmen

Governor Gordon released his proposed budget for 2021-2022 and we have a couple of wildlife updates for you. Gordon has requested $12 Million in one-time funding for the Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Fund (WWNRT). The WWNRT fund is a corpus account with projects being funded from accrued interest. This $12 Million will continue to fund projects that support our wildlife, habitat, and open spaces for years to come.

WWNRT funding supports projects that improve habitat to maintain optimum wildlife populations as well as the preservation of open space. Projects involve a wide range of partners, from oil and gas companies to non-profit organizations, all working together to protect and restore wildlife habitat. 

“These projects benefit all citizens and are incredible examples of partnerships between private landowners and the state.” – Governor Gordon

We want to give Governor Gordon a special thanks for this $12 million funding request. As sportsmen, we will need to encourage our legislators to appropriate these funds. This funding will help build the account to $122 million; still short of the $200 million that was envisioned when the account was created, but a step in the right direction. With current interest rates averaging 2.5 percent, and with interest being the way we fund projects, we need to work together to fully fund the WWNRT to $200 million. 

We must see WWNRT funding through.

While he was in office, Governor Mead had made a budget recommendation to fully fund the WWNRT and the legislature put a stop to it.  We can’t let this happen.  If we want to see this funding request go through we will need your support. When the time comes, will you reach out to your legislator? We will send you an update on this and other legislative actions soon. 

Another funding request from the Governor was for predator control in the amount of $500,000. As you know, the legislature has a bill moving forward to put a fee on sportsmen to fund predator control.  At the last committee meeting, WYHAA questioned legislators as to why sportsmen would support paying a fee that would be used to reduce our hunting opportunities. 

Sportsmen are the best tool for wildlife management – period.

We must repeat this message and defend our hunting legacy.  While speaking with the committee chairmen we encouraged him to look for ways to increase access to private lands so sportsmen could be better utilized as a cost-free tool for predator control. We will continue to push this message forward.  

Sportsmen saw success opposing ADMB fee bill.

Sportsmen advocates sent in email after email and we gained ground on this piece of legislation.  A bad portion of the ADMB fee bill was gutted. The legislature heard your voice and removed the $1 million earmark. Still moving forward is the portion of the bill that transfers $200,000 sportsman dollars to another agency. We will need your help to stop this unnecessary redistribution of sportsman dollars. The appropriation by the governor for $500,000 to ADMB should be sufficient.  

Governor Gordon’s budget request is a win for sportsmen.

But only If we can see it through. Thank you for following along with WYHAA and local politics. We are having an impact together, and we must continue our success. We will be asking you to reach out to your legislators here soon. Please, sign up for email to receive our alerts. In a small place like Wyoming, your vote and your voice really do make a difference.

Please consider entering our raffle or supporting WYHAA with a donation so that we can protect the legacy of hunting and fishing in Wyoming. 100% of your money will go to keeping Wyoming’s public lands in public hands, wildlife protected and public access available. Your financial support to our non-profit organization is what makes our work possible. We sincerely appreciate your support.

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