Wyoming Legislators Targeted Hunters and Anglers

-Our job, as your advocate in the legislature, is to inform you of any bill that will affect you and your hunting rights! – WYHAA

Early in 2019, during the legislative session, WYHAA was working around the clock lobbying for sportsmen.  WYHAA firmly supports our right to own guns, hunt, fish,  and enjoy our public lands – but sometimes we find lawmakers working against us.

One bill we sounded the alarm on this year was  SF175 – State Land Revenues

  • This bill would have charged Hunters and Anglers a state land access FEE regardless if they use state trust lands or not.
  • Under this new law any violator could’ve been  imprisoned for up to a week for simply accessing state trust land. 
  • SF 155 was in direct opposition of the North American Model of Conservation — license fees should be used to safeguard fish, wildlife and their habitats.

The response to our alert was phenomenal! Co-sponsors of the bill starting removing their names, and legislators switched committees for the bill twice in hopes of finding anyone that would pass it.  The response was so strong, the committee that eventually heard the bill decided to table it — without a vote!

Thank you for letting us share your voice and for affording WYHAA the opportunity to be a part of it all! This grassroots organization has always been funded by people chipping in what they can, when they can. If you believe in what the Alliance is fighting for, could you please chip in?