Enjoyable resolutions that benefit hunting, fishing, and our wildlife!


How do you follow through on your New Year’s resolution?
Make it Enjoyable!

Can you commit to all 5 of these resolutions?

#1 Hunt a new species or apply for a new license this year

Hunting licenses and fees contribute over $800 million a year for conservation programs
in the U.S. and you can do more for conservation by simply hunting more!

#2 Take a kid afield


Teaching the sport of hunting to kids is fun and it can have a big impact on their lives.

5 Reasons to teach kids to hunt:

It Teaches Self Accountability
Hunting is a Healthy Pastime and Kids Need the Outdoors
It Teaches the Value of Hard Work
You can Start or Pass on a Tradition
Hunting can Build Confidence

#3 Buy a new gun or bow

Hunting rifle.jpg

An excise tax on guns, ammo, bows and arrows generates approximately $400 million a year for conservation.
So go ahead and make a resolution to purchase the one of your dreams, it’s for a good cause!

#4 Introduce someone to fishing (Free Fishing Day June 1st, 2019)

Kid Fishing.jpg
The first Saturday in June is Wyoming’s Free Fishing day.
Taking someone out fishing just might create a lifelong fishing buddy
and it is good for conservation and the economy too.
$186 million is spent on fishing in Wyoming annually!

#5 Contact elected officials more often

OK, so this may not seem fun on the surface but the results can be!
Engaging in politics is critical for the future of our sports.
Do you want to increase public access? Should we keep hunting and fishing affordable?
Opening a line of communication with your elected officials will enable us
to accomplish these goals, and many more, and be a benefit to us all!

Make one resolution, or five, and have a great 2019!

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