A Public Land Sell-Off Bill


Tell your Senator to kill SF 110! SF 110 is another bad bill designed to lay the groundwork for a massive sell off of public lands. As anyone who follows WYHAA knows, we believe deeply that transferring and selling public lands would destroy hunting and fishing in Wyoming as we know it. Photo [...]

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Governor’s new law would give himself more power


Wyoming Governor Could Sign Law Giving Himself More Power The office of Governor Gordon has released a draft executive order and sportsmen should be alarmed. This executive order that had the potential to protect sensitive migration corridors instead is likely to unnecessarily divest power away from the Game and Fish Commission. [...]

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First Wildlife Bill of 2020


SF 004 Wildlife Conservation Account provides an opportunity for applicants seeking wildlife conservation license plates the ability to donate any additional money they wish.  Wildlife conservation plates have been sold to over a thousand Wyomingites already and this will give the department the ability to accept additional donations to the account during this transaction. [...]

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2019 Photo Contest Winners


First off, thank you to all photo contest entrants! The photos we received were a tremendous representation of the diverse mix of wildlife that we are fortunate to be able to pursue and enjoy here in Wyoming. These photos capture the essence of what we value so much, what we must preserve for future [...]

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Wyoming CWD Draft Plan Released 12/2/19


The need for to find an effective management plan is imperative.  Some modeling efforts have predicted CWD would lead to the affected deer herds extinction (Gross and Miller 2001), while other research suggests certain populations may be able to survive, bolstered by genetic selection.  Regardless of the research you chose it indicates CWD Is [...]

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Gordon Budget A Win For Sportsmen


Governor Gordon released his proposed budget for 2021-2022 and we have a couple of wildlife updates for you. Gordon has requested $12 Million in one-time funding for the Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Fund (WWNRT). The WWNRT fund is a corpus account with projects being funded from accrued interest. This $12 Million will continue to [...]

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Cody business owners response to Anti-Hunting Billboard


Put up a billboard in oppostiion.  In a recent news article titled "Wyoming remains premier spot for hunting" the auhor discussed many things hunting, but one thing stood out to us; how two billboards with opposing views were put up directly behind one another. According to the article "one billboard...features a hunter and an [...]

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Politicians seek to Develop 5.6% of Wyoming, all State Trust Lands


Residential - Commercial - Industrial Development Proposals for State Trust Lands Bill requires OSLI to seek development proposals for state trust lands. Do you hunt on state trust land? What would hunting look like without state trust land?  A proposed bill in the Wyoming legislature seeks development proposals [...]

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$14.5 Million Federal Grant for Wildlife Crossings


WYDOT receives $14.5 million federal grant for Dry Piney wildlife crossing project  Recent press release from Governor Gordon 11/14/2019 CHEYENNE, Wyo. –  The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) will receive a $14.5 million federal grant from the U.S Department of Transportation for a wildlife crossing project north of La Barge in southwest Wyoming. The Better Utilizing [...]

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Bill to Gut $1,000,000+ from G&F


Bill would earmark Over $1,000,000 from G&F budget!   The proposed legislation would earmark over a million+ sportsmen dollars for purposes not designated by Game and Fish. $5 dollars in fees on every hunting license! This goes against the North American Model of Conservation. We must keep sportsman dollars under the control of the [...]

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