Funding for Game and Fish

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is one of the premier wildlife agencies in the world. Game and Fish works tirelessly to apprehend poachers, negotiate sportsmen access, monitor wildlife habitat and health, and conduct research to better understand how to maintain our amazing Wyoming wildlife. Because the department maintains our world-class hunting and fishing opportunities, we stand up for them to ensure they are adequately funded.

Keeping Migrations Open for Wildlife

New research shows that migration corridors are essential for the survival of Wyoming’s big game species. Research can precisely define the important corridors, bottlenecks and stopover areas across the state, providing clear strategies for protecting these big game herds with minimal impacts to development. Wyoming must protect these key corridors and adjacent habitats and fund more research to further identify their locations.

Defending our Public Lands

Politicians and private interests are scheming to seize Wyoming’s public lands and put them under state ownership. Wyoming has a horrible track record of selling off state lands any time there is a budget shortfall. This is unacceptable – not only do we hunt and fish on public lands, but they are where we grew up and learned the lessons that make us who we …