Politicians Put Corridors at Risk

Select Federal Natural Resources Committee Bill: Designation of Corridors

  • This bill removes the authority of Game and Fish to designate migration corridors.
  • Creates a process for corridor designation that is administered by county commissioners.
  • Allows a small minority of working group members to veto migration corridor designation.
  • Gives the wildlife duties for final corridor designation to the board of land commissioners.

Politicians in our state legislature are seeking to undermine the authority of the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission and eliminate their ability to designate wildlife corridors.  These politicians believe the board of land commissioners is better suited to be in charge of wildlife decisions as opposed to the WYG&F commission. 

Since 1929 the WYG&F commission has had the statutory authority to manage game animals and provide for their protection, we must not allow this to change!

A requirement to be appointed as a Game and Fish Commissioner is to know and understand the propagation of wildlife, a standard not required of elected officials such as members of the Board of Land Commissioners. Wildlife decisions should be left in the hands of those who understand wildlife.

We don’t need more regulations to complicate the management of our wildlife!

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